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There is very little of the north Antrim coast that is served by a train service. Apart from the historic steam train that runs on a 3km narrow guage track between the Giant's Causeway and the town of Bushmills, the main part of the rail network is linked into the Causeway Coast Way at Portrush. From here a full connecting service can be made from Coleraine to the main cities of Londonderry (Derry) and Belfast.

Northern Irelands Railways - Service 4

Terminus: Portrush - Coleraine.
Serving: Portrush - Dhu Varren - Coleraine.
Frequency: 13-19 trains daily. Operates: All Year.

Northern Irelands Railways - Service 3

Terminus: Belfast - Londonderry (Derry).
Serving: Belfast - Antrim - Ballymena - Ballymoney - Coleraine - Londonderry (Derry).
Frequency: 5-9 trains daily. Operates: All Year.

Giant's Causeway & Bushmills Railway

Terminus: Giant's Causeway - Bushmills.
Serving: Giant's Causeway - Bushmills.
Frequency: 8 trains a day on Sat & Sun from May-Oct.
Operates every day in Jul-Aug.

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