Advice on Hiking Gear


The most important thing to look after when walking is your feet! Investing in good footwear and breaking them in before starting a long-distance trail is always an advantage.

The Causeway Coast Way involves little in the way of walking on rough terrain. A pair of light hiking shoes would provide the most comfort and should be sufficient for the trail. However, if the weather has been bad, it may be preferable to wear a pair of hiking boots that will provide better protection from the damp conditions and mucky terrain.


Keeping warm and dry are essential in remaining a happy hiker! The best way to achieve this is to carry a series of mid- and under-layers and taking them on or off accordingly to the conditions. Avoid materials such as cotton or denim jeans as they hold on to moisture and may help contribute to hypothermia if you are stuck in the outdoors in poor weather conditions. It is important to have access to a water-proof jacket and over-trousers if it starts to rain.


The most enjoyable way to walk the Causeway Coast Way is to arrange for overnight luggage to be transported whilst you walk. This can be done by booking a holiday with a Tour Operator or by checking with your chosen accommodation provider to see if they can do it for you. This will allow you to just carry a medium size rucksack of 25-30 litres. In this day bag you should carry any extra clothing you need (mentioned above), a map and compass, your food and liquid for the day and a basic first aid kit.

Those who wish to save some money, by carrying their own full rucksack, should properly build up their strength and fitness levels prior to walking the Causeway Coast Way. Never leave it until starting the trail to try carrying your full load for the first time! The recommended upper weight limit for carrying on any hike is 12-15kg. Anything extra to this will quickly drain your energy, slow down your pace and increase your chance of developing blisters on your feet and shoulders.

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