Mountain Rescue Ireland

What to do in an Emergency

It is always a good precaution to carry a mobile telephone when out hiking in the wilderness. If you are unlucky enough for a an accident to happen, try to stay calm and think before you act. You should only phone Mountain Rescue in the case of a serious injury or illness.

Before calling the Emergency Services, first identify your location by grid reference or gps coordinates. Then dial 999 and ask the operator for 'Mountain Rescue'. You will then be put through to the Police station where your call will be answered, the situation assessed and, if necessary, the team called out.

A Donation on Your Behalf

The Causeway Coast Way website is proud to donate 7.5% of all online sales to Mountain Rescue Ireland. This represents the twelve voluntary mountain rescue teams both North and South of the border. The teams consist of over 365 men and women who provide a voluntary emergency service to people lost or injured while walking or climbing in the mountain ranges of Ireland.

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