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Best mountaineering practice recommends carrying a navigation compass on all hiking expeditions. Although the Causeway Coast Way is reasonably easy to follow with frequent signage, there is always the chance of missing an important turn-off. Having a guide book or map to turn to as a printed reference point is always reassuring.

The best book for written step by step directions is called the Causeway Coast Way and it is published by Rucksack Readers. This is a dedicated guide book for the Way. In addition to the main text, there is also a basic fold-out map to accompany the trail.

The Discoverer Series by the Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland covers the entire Causeway Coast Way on the Coleraine (Sheet 04) and Ballycastle (Sheet 05) maps. These are printed to a scale of 1:50,000 and provide a broad picture of landmarks and surrounding areas which are visible from the trail.

The map for the The Glens of Antrim, which is also published by the Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland, features a large section of the North Antrim coastline at a scale of 1:25,000. The main map depicts the trail from Ballycastle as far as Portbraddan but there is also an inset which extends the trail as far as Portballintrae.

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